Thursday, October 1, 2015

Worldwide Drum Circle for Peace and Unity - South Africa, Wilderness

In the first video you'll see the kickoff to our monthly drum circle on 26 Sept at Faery Knowe Backpackers, Wilderness.

Our drum circle also formed part of a 24-hour worldwide drumming event where there was an hourly drum circle somewhere in the world to promote peace and unity.

At the end of the night, the woods were bursting with the sound of 60-70 drums, fire dancing and LED hoola hooping. What a breathtaking experience!

For more details on our next drum circle, feel free to contact me on 078 295 8482.

2015 Annual Strawberry Festival Opening Night

 On 25 September I had the amazing honour of opening the 2015 Annual Strawberry Festival. What a great kickoff to a great event! Everybody loved the drumming and enjoyed it with us.

Thank you very much to my friend and fellow drummer, Stephan, for joining me on stage.

Djembe Drum Paradise opened the stage for comedian and drummer, Gino Fabbri.

What a great gig!

The face behind Djembe Drum Paradise

 "When I was 5, I used to drive my parents crazy banging on all the pots and pans I could find, until they finally bought me my first drum, and the rest is history!" #truestory

Watch this space for some more amazing drumming news/events. 

Niel Faure ft. Djembe Drum Paradise at Kaai4 Restaurant Mossel Bay Harbour

Thank you to my friend, Niel Faure for this amazing gig. We sounded great!!

Thank you also to Kaai4 Restaurant for this amazing venue. Feel the sand between your toes, watch the waves crashing against the rocks and get carried away by amazing live music.... ♫


The Palm Nursery Performance

As a drummer I don't always have the chance to take photos while performing. 

This was a recent performance I did at the Palms Nursery, George. 

This was the setup before the performance. 

Thank you to Ina Scholtz Landscaping for hosting this awesome event. For all your Landscaping needs, Ina is the one for you! Reach her on 084 749 1806 / 

Friends of George Business Marketing Meeting Glenwood Lodge

Friends of George consists of a formidable group of people from varying walks of life, from housewives and retired gentry to earnest entrepreneurs and top executives. Our primary objective is to enhance the economic viability of George by the establishment of a business initiative forum to safe guard our business fraternity. Through frequent networking functions and a informative and interactive website are we able to connect with one another, supporting each other in our businesses, our social and cultural activities and even day to day living.

For more information visit their Facebook page:

Big thank you to Adri and her team from Glenwood Lodge for hosting this beautiful event on Heritage Day. What a stunning venue. Reach them at 044 871 1748 /

Thank you also to Rocky Sonnekus for the invitation.

Jimmy T ft. Djembe Drum Paradise: Old Time Rock & Roll

Thank you to my friend and amazing musician, Jimmy T. 
Always been awesome performing with you! 

Thousand Sensations Craft Beer Festival 2015, Wilderness, South Africa. 

Thousand Sensations Craft Beer Festival Drum Circle

Beer + Drumming = Good Vibes!! 

I was invited to perform at the craft beer festival in Wilderness, South Africa. 
We had a great mini drum circle and everybody was moving to the beat of the drums! 
Thank you to my friend, Stephan, for joining me in this fantastic event! 

Performing at a Belly Dancing Show

Drumming goes great with all forms of dancing, of course, but combine drumming and belly dancing, and you have magic!

I recently performed with the Fariha Belly Dancing Studio in George at their annual show. Thank you, Levona, for this experience.

Some of the highlights of the show:

Bunkhaus Backpackers, Sedgefield Drumming

We recently had a drum circle in Sedgefield with drummers uniting from all over the Garden Route... what a fun event!

Great view, great vibe, great people, and GREAT DRUMMING!

For more info on monthly drum circles in your area, feel free to call me on 078 295 8482.


So as a drummer, a lot of unexpected things can happen during a performance...

My latest trial DRUM STRAP BROKE -- MID PERFORMANCE....! but luckily I saved the show and the drum clip hitting the stage made the PERFECT SOUND!!

Take a look:

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Wedding at Stoepsit, Still Bay

Here is another of my wedding gigs, this time with British guests.

The wedding couple asked me to facilitate an "African wedding" including drumming, traditional African Dancing and some local hip-hop artists.

In the second photo, you see the girls taking the ladies from the audience aside and teaching them a traditional African dance.

Our guys also took the
men to one side and taught them the traditional "Mandela Shuffle".
The audience then got a chance to play a djembe drum - for many the first time in their lives! They learnt the two basic notes and everyone had fun, from old to young!

The happy couple then participated in a romantic call- and answer rhythm originating from the Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

What a magical evening!!

Thank you for letting me participate in your special day.** 

Australian Wedding at Gondwana Game Reserve

As you all know, my business is very diverse and can add flavour to any event..
So, I recently performed at a wedding at Gondwana Game Reserve on the deck overlooking the valley.

The Groom was South African and the Bride Australian, therefore, we had an interesting mix between djembe drumming and the didgeridoos from down under.

Stunning evening under the stars. Thank you Jacobus and Emily for letting me join in your special day!

Drumming for Ministers of Parliament at the World Forestry Congress 2015

 The World Forestry Congress was recently hosted by Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and I was invited to facilitate a drum circle for the Ministers of Parliament and other dignataries.

On the first night we entertained some dignataries at a cocktail evening. Thank you to Anthea Fuller and Watson Holmes for drumming alongside me.
 The Congress ended with a formal gala dinner at which we entertained the guests with drumming, fire dancing and traditional African Dancing.

Thank you very much to my team of African Dancers, Dan the Fireman Fourie(left) and Jay Green(right) that performed with me.

What an amazing event!!

Left + Right: Our firedancers in action...

Bottom: Djembeman, Jay and Dan the Fireman performing stunts together. A thrilling blend of drumming and fire dancing.

Friday, August 21, 2015

My Beuatiful Wife Izelle

My beautiful Wife and I posing for a pic at one of my Wedding Gigs...

You may have noticed a whole new look to my blog as well as an increased amount of posting and blog entries...

Thank you so much my Love for taking control of my blog and doing such a STUNNING job of it!!!!!

May we share many more years of this!MWA

South African Freedom Day Celebration 24 September 2014

On 24 September 2014, I was invited to perform with some local artists in the Hip-hop scene.

What an amazing show -- sharing a stage with such talented artists. Afterwards, all the artists autographed my shirt in celebration of South African Freedom Day.

#Churx #MegamindsEntertainment #ChaseTylerDemont #KasieNice

Anti-canned Lion Hunting Protest

Djembe Drum Paradise, together with other drummers from the Garden Route, all banded together to make some noise in protest against canned lion hunting.

To find out more about this atrocity, go to

It was fantastic to see drummers unite to bring attention to this very important matter.

Drumming on stage with my 4 year old son


Here is my 4 year old son performing with me at a performing arts evening at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

He has joined me on several stages, including the KKNK(Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees) 2014 RSG(Radio Sonder Grense) stage where he was, in front of 400+ people, named the youngest performing artist ever on a KKNK stage!

Performing at Mujos Bar & Restaurant, George


   Myself and my cousin, Chase Tyler Demont, performing at Mujos Bar & Restaurant, George, South Africa. This was a one hour informal set. 

Thank you Liesl Kelland(owner). See you again soon!     

Drum circle with friends in random places

Here are somephotos that serve as an example of how much fun drumming brings to everybody's lives!  I hold many many informal drum circles or "Group Drumming".  At the various venues I use for these drum sessions we have many interesting people and artists that join in the fun, from hula hoopers and fire dancers, to drummers of all kinds! It is always interesting to hear the different kinds of Drums that get brought to these circles.

To have an informal drum circle at your house, in your garden, at your work office, at the beach...hehehe...well pretty much ANYWHERE, give me an email or phonecall and we can set it up!

Thunder and Lightning rhythm with the kids

Part of my business is School Social Interaction Groups. This is pretty much the same as a corporate team building circle, but using a simplified style of drumming for the younger minds.

Here I am doing a rhythm with the kids that I call my "Thunder and Lightning" rhythm... (video will be posted soon). We start with softly building up the bass(note in the centre of the drum)...this sounds like thunder rolling over the hills. Then when lightning strikes, the kids move to the treble note(on the edge of the drum) loudly and shouting at the top of their voices as lightning crashes on the ground.  This excercise teaches kids how to use "light and shade"(intensity of volume) when playing on a drum as well as the two basic notes on any drum.

Thank you Babbelbekkies creche for the opportunity to perform at your end of year concert with your kids. They were amazing!

On stage at the CANSA Relay For Life

The CANSA Relay for Life is a annual fundraiser for cancer patients and survivors.

This is a fund raiser event where people walk a distance around a circular track over a period of 24 hours. There are stalls and local businesses involved at the edges of the track, where we spur on the walkers. Live performances and competitions are held throughout the night to keep everyone's spirits high.

Here I am on stage with one of Mossel Bays biggest local artists.

Djembe Drum Paradise is back with a BANG!!

"Everyone HAS rhythm inside of them. The first thing your brain is aware of as a fetus in your mother's stomach is her heartbeat and breathing. Hence...YOU ARE BORN with rhythm..."

Drumming is the best way to discover and unlock that rhythm...

My name is Daniel Nicholson and I am known over the Garden Route as Djembeman. I specialise in 1-on-1 lessons, group lessons, drum circles, (corporate) team building, year-end functions, weddings, and more

I also specialise in facilitating "African" themed evenings with traditional African dancers, drumming, firedancing and even coal walking(on request), perfect for any function/event.

Do you have a small business but no budget for a year end function?
Let me come to your office and do a team building session with your staff of roughly 45 mins. Guaranteed improvement of productivity and team work!

Drumming is suitable for ANY- and EVERYbody... Don't miss out on this amazing experience!

Please contact me for any bookings or quotes.

Drum greetings

Djembeman (Daniel Nicholson - 078 295 8482 / Izelle Nicholson - 082 081 3989)